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Saratoga Cycling Club offers group rides for cyclists of all abilities several days a week. The goal of our cycling club is to provide a means to encourage the principles of safe cycling, teamwork, dedication, sportsmanship, cycling advocacy and community involvement through cycling. Participation in our club is open to everyone and is free of any club dues.

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Simply put, our mission is devoted to you--making the most of your time on your bike and helping you achieve your cycling goals. — Sue Commanda, co-President
Group rides

We offer a variety of self-paced rides.

Our riders encourage one another, providing a stimulating and supportive environment that prepares you for larger rides. We offer a few different routes throughout the year, enabling you to challenge yourself with rides of greater difficulty. Our rides are self-paced, allowing riders to find others that ride at a similar pace.

Ride schedule
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Upcoming Ride Schedule

Saratoga Cycling Club rides are an enjoyable way to get in shape, learn about cycling and meet other cyclists that share the same passion and love of cycling.

Start locations and/or start times may change.
*Our Facebook page is updated daily with route specifics.*

Rating Speed
A avg 18+, max 23
B+ avg 16-18, max 21
B avg 14-16, max 19
C+ avg 12-14, max 17
C avg 10-12, max 15
D avg <10, max 12
Rating Description
1 Primarily flat, occasional hills
2 Moderate rolling hills
3 Mostly rolling hills
4 Hilly with one or more steep climbs
5 Consistently hilly with several steep climbs
6 Straight up!

Unified Ride

Date Tuesday, July 23, 2024 Time @ 5:30pm Rolling out @ 5:40pm sharp
Unified Beerworks, 7 Old Stonebreak, Malta, NY
PaceAPace A: avg 18+, max 23
Terrain4Terrain 4: Hilly with one or more steep climbs
>21mph avg. pace
Ride Leader: Jeremy Messenger
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Important Safety Information

All ride participants are required to sign a club waiver and provide an emergency contact name and phone number before the ride starts.

Please be cognizant of your fitness and be able to ride the pace listed. If you are unsure, have the route downloaded in case you want to drop off the back.

No Drop Rides will stick together at the pace listed. Riders who want to ride at a faster pace are welcome to do so. You will be on a separate ride and need to have the route downloaded. Leaders will not chase down front-runners that go off course.

Drop Rides are training rides, there is no sweep. Experience with group and pace line riding is required. If you want to expand your training and build stamina but are unsure if you can hold the pace, ride in the back and have the route downloaded. You must have the route downloaded in case you decide to drop off the back. It is your responsibility to know the route and know how to get back to the start.

As always, please obey all traffic laws, we stop at all stop signs and red lights. No more than 2 abreast in the lane and single file when being overtaken by vehicles.

Helmets required, no earphones/ earbuds, no use of time trial bars while in a pace line.

Your bike should be in proper working order, and you should have supplies in case of a problem…tubes, a pump or CO2, etc.

Rain at the start of the ride cancels.

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